Version 1.0.2!

Thank you to everyone for their patience as we have pecked away at the update. We hope that you all enjoy it and that it will address a lot of the feedback we have received!

Things to note:

-The Mac and Linux builds are unfortunately untested, but they should work. If they do not, please let us know and we will work on fixing that ASAP.

-The self-voicing feature will read out alt text. If folks would like the alt text to be optional for this feature, let us know!

-Old save files likely will not work due to an overhaul of the code. You will need to restart any routes you are currently on. 

Patch notes:

-bug/typo fixes

-added new scenes and extended some older ones

-added new endings

-added new backgrounds and CGs

-updated some old backgrounds and CGs

-added new, platonic hangout options for Valentine’s Day 

-added new choices to the existing script

-added trigger warning disclaimer 

-added a dyslexic-friendly font to the options menu

-updated gallery to reflect new CGs

-updated the achievement icons and added new achievements to Steam

-add alt text for those using the self-voicing feature

-it is now possible to get the neutral good ending after being rejected by Forge, Fern, or Pierre 

-added new bugs/typos, probably


AceInSpace-1.0.2-Linux 191 MB
27 days ago
AceInSpace-1.0.2-Mac 205 MB
27 days ago
AceInSpace-1.0.2-Windows 200 MB
27 days ago

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